Panic Attack Symptoms Often Misunderstood

By Patricia Adams

So now you have been told that you have anxiety or panic attack symptoms. Does this make you feel better? Probably not. You may feel like an idiot, but take heart because you are certainly not alone in this battle. Here is how you can tell if another panic attack is imminent.

Rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, shaky hands, choking sensations, nausea, dizziness, hot flashes, extreme fear and chest pains. Sounds like a heart attack doesn’t it? The way to tell is if they last longer than ten minutes.

Normal panic attack symptoms rarely last longer than ten minutes, and in those ten minutes there are things you can do to lessen it or make them disappear all together.

Deep breathing

Practice deep breathing. It will provide something to focus on besides the attack. This will also lesson the flow of adrenaline going into your system. Your subconscious is telling you to fight or flight. This is a false signal saying there is imminent danger, and is the major cause of panic attack symptoms.

The subconscious is powerful and most feel helpless against the signals it will send, even if false. Realize an attack for what it is- a false signal. Take control over it and tell yourself there is nothing that can harm you, because you wont let it! Once you know why you feel the way you do, you can control it, and panic attack symptoms will go away for good.

Go through an incident in your mind and re-live a recent attack. Remember every detail, all the up to the point where you have the attack. Feel the tightening of the stomach and the feeling of impending doom. Now look around you and see that there is nothing there to be afraid of. Do the breathing exercises, tell yourself that there is no danger, you are safe. Your panic attack symptoms will disappear within seconds if you do not let them have the chance to over take you.

Get more exercise everyday, and make sure you get enough rest at night. Eat healthy and start practicing visual imagery. See yourself in every situation where an attack can occur. See yourself calm am and happy. Not a care in the world. Keep a positive attitude. If you go into a situation with feelings of apprehension, you are only setting yourself up for another attack.

Build up your self confidence and self esteem. Stand up for yourself in situations where people would normally take advantage of you. By becoming more assertive in your everyday life you can beat panic attack symptoms once and for all.

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