Why No Contact is the Best Way to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

By Ilona Benes

If you cannot get her out of your mind for even a minute, it is going to be very hard to stick to “no contact”. But you will see that the idea of having no contact with your ex at all is exactly the discipline you need at this time to get your ex back. It is a discipline you should stick to religiously, and you will be amazed of the result. It is the most powerful strategy to get your ex girlfriend back.

Make an abrupt stop to your attempts to talk to your ex girlfriend and reason with her. It will not work anyway. Make it look as if you were abducted by aliens so to speak. Keep in mind that every time you try to contact her you are actually taking a step back instead of forward. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back and you want that to happen soon, you cannot afford taking steps back instead of going forward. Whining about her to your friends will have the same effect as constantly trying to contact her. And above all, keep in mind that maybe she has a reason not to respond to your phone calls. Your endless attempts have become more than annoying. Avoid every form of communication starting right at this moment.

You will be surprised how much time you got freed up now that you are not constantly trying to communicate with your ex to get her back. The time has come for you to make good use of all these extra hours that are freed up. One of the most relaxing activities is… walking. Not just your physical needs but also your emotional cravings will be satisfied by taking those regular walks. Do all the thinking you want while you are walking. Your walking time is also the time of the day that you can think freely, without making strategic choices doing so. While walking, you should consider all the issues you are working with and are trying to resolve. You will be amazed how good you can make your decisions and choices when you are walking.

Consider a hobby that would be good for you. There is obviously a huge selection of things many people really like to do and you haven’t even discovered a small percentage of these activities. Bring something new in your daily or weekly routine. It will be more than just a learning experience. It will be an adventure and it will be fun. Of course, you will still be thinking of her. But at certain moments you will realize that you are having fun without her, without even bringing up her name. Look up some old friends to interact with. You will have the time of your life.

Maybe it does not make sense to you yet that you can indeed get your ex girlfriend back by avoiding to contact her. Do not underestimate however how well you can use all your free time. You have time to think about what was going on that lead to the break up. You might even get some powerful clues based on your thinking, and very often guys in your situation come up with the idea to apologise. Nothing stops you to do so. Your ex will see that you are mature and are now able to keep in mind what is best for you as well as for her.

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