10 Tips For Promoting Your Blog on a Budget

By Christopher Groscurth

Promoting your blog is important for engaging potential clients, customers, and members of your network. But SEO services, paid advertisements, and expensive URLs aren’t the only way to drive traffic to your blog and amplify the good news about your brand.

Here are 10 cost-effective ways to promote your blog when you are on a budget. Given the importance of face-to-face communication, I included a special tip (#11):

1. Write compelling and useful content-give readers a reason to share your posts with others.

2. Comment on others’ blogs and provide useful (i.e., relevant) links back to your blog.

3. Turn blog posts into articles and submit them to indexes like ezine; this will drive more traffic to your blog.

4. Share your blog posts across social media platforms (e.g., Groups on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

5. Show appreciation for existing readers and respond to their feedback (I appreciate each of you!).

6. Create relationships with other bloggers and trade “guest posts” to cross-promote your blogs.

7. Incorporate images, video, and interactive features (e.g., polls, etc.) to make your blog more interesting.

8. Don’t bury your best content, direct readers to your most popular postings using links, featured articles, etc.

9. Track your progress using analytic software like Google Analytics.

10. Persevere. Stick to you primary theme (or two) and keep writing. Building an audience takes time.

11. Talk about your blog when you meet people, put a link on your business card and reference your blog in workshops, seminars, and presentations. Don’t forget that face-to-face communication still matters!

Christopher R. Groscurth, Ph.D. is founder and principal consultant of BaRENaKED Communication (BNC). He is an expert on workplace communication, diversity, and positive organizational change. Chris started BNC to help business leaders leverage what social scientists have learned about human engagement and workplace communication. He blogs and answers questions about workplace communication at http://www.barenakedcommunication.com

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