How to Last Longer Before Ejaculation 3 Easy Tips to Banish the Anxiety of Climaxing Too Soon!

By L. Kevin Lester

Who else is embarrassed by how soon they ejaculate during sex? Do you constantly feel you are performing below par whenever you make out? The simple truth is, premature ejaculation is a very common problem that many men face in the bedroom. It can affect even the healthiest men and deal a devastating blow to one’s confidence.

And the worse enemy behind longer-lasting sex is…

Performance anxiety. Many men finish too quickly in bed because they fear they cannot perform to their partner’s expectations. They are nervous and anxious about their own abilities before the lovemaking even begins. Negative thoughts start to creep up on their minds. For example…

“Will I last long enough this time round?”

“I hope I don’t blow early again”

“I think I can’t please her enough”

Do you know what these negative thoughts will do? It will play out exactly what you fear most – an early ejaculation!

If this sounds like what is happening to you all the time, take heart!

These simple tricks will help you overcome your endurance shortcoming…

1. Cognitive Exercises – Imagine yourself with the natural ability to last as long as you want. How does that feel like? What will that do to your sex life? Will that give your woman that best sex of her life (I bet it will!)? You are what you think. So think positively!

2. See The Bigger Picture – Chill out! Your sex life does NOT end with premature ejaculation. There is always another time to have a go at it again. The quicker you realize this, the sooner your anxieties will disappear. PE is not a lifelong disease. With the right conditioning strategies, you can completely stop early ejaculation and enjoy longer-lasting sex… every time!

3. Open Up! Communication is KEY is any relationship, even more so when it comes to making love. Talk to your partner about your anxieties. You will be pleasantly surprised that she will have her own anxieties about sex too. Just like you, your woman will be wondering if she’s pleasing you enough during sex, or if you are enjoying her company! So don’t fret about you being the only one who does not measure up!

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CAUTION: If you find yourself suddenly lasting from under 2 minutes to over 2 hours in your first attempt, please do cease and resist from using this powerful technique for a few days…

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