Best Forex Trading Robot The Three Clear Advantages the Turtle Trading Robot Has Over Other Robots

By Kelly Price

The Turtle trading robot is the best robot of all, based upon its real time track record of millions in profit. The system also has two other key advantages over other robots, so let’s review the trading system in more detail.

Let’s look at the 3 reasons the Turtle trading robot, should be considered by all serious traders.

1. A Real Time Audited Track Record of Gains

Most robots rely on simulations going backwards over closing prices and present this, as there evidence that they can make big FX profits in real time trading. However, anyone can bend a system rules to show a profit over historical data – it’s easy! Sure in hindsight knowing all the highs and lows, you can make huge gains per annum with little or no drawdown but these are paper profits and not real time trading. The real challenge of Forex trading is trading not knowing the highs and lows in advance

Robot vendors also publish so called “live results” on their website. The problem is there not in real time or live and have no outside audit that there accurate – so why are the figures never audited? The reason is simple – the system doesn’t actually make the profits it claims in real time trading. personally, I like independent verification of trading results, from a reputable independent ratings company or accountant.

The Turtle robot is based on the Turtle trading rules which made huge profits in real time trading and were featured in the best selling investment book Market Wizards.

2. A Robot Designed by a Real Trader not a Programmer!

Read about the so called “legends” behind most robots and you will be struck by the fact, you can never find any background info on them on their trading history or real time profits they have made, The trader who developed the rules the Turtle robot is based upon and you have one of the true great trades -Richard Dennis.

Dennis devised the rules, to prove anyone could win at Forex with the right system. He set about teaching a group of people, with no trading experience the rules and they went on to make hundreds of millions in profits with them, in real time trading and these rules, have been programmed into the new Turtle robot.

3. Read the Logic and the Rules Before You Buy the System

Unlike most Forex robots you get to read all the logic of the system before you buy it; to trade a system successfully you need to know how and why the trading system works, so you can trade it with discipline and confidence and ride out periods of losses.

The Turtle trading robot has a real time track record, it’s devised by a successful trader and you can read the rules and logic before you buy, so you can have confidence that it will make you money – for these three reasons, we think its the best Forex robot of all.

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