Female Attraction Secrets How to Make a Woman Want YOU

By Chris Tyler

Trying to get that one special woman that you have had your eyes on for quite some time now to reciprocate those feelings is not easy. Being able to trigger attraction in a woman is a special skill that most guys really do not possess, but that does not mean that YOU have to be one of those guys. There are little things that you can do that will make a woman want you, and when you know what these female attraction secrets are, you will be able to finally make that special woman want you.

So, what are these female attraction secrets you have to know about?

1. You cannot convince her to like you, you have to make her FEEL that way about you. One of the many things that can get a guy caught up in pursuing a woman the WRONG way is trying to convince a woman to like you. See, it might sound like the logical thing to do, but it’s not what really works to create attraction with a woman. If you try to convince her to like you, you are going to just come across like a guy that does not get it, and as a result, you will NOT get it.

2. You NEED to be able to act aloof around her. Being too open about your attraction for her can actually be a bad thing, as there is no thrill really when she already knows how much you like her. By acting aloof, you gain a little bit of mystery about you and this will work well to play on her mind and make her think about you. When you want to make a woman want you, you NEED to be able to get her thinking and wondering about you and who you are, and acting aloof is a sure way to do this.

3. She needs to feel sexual chemistry with you if she is going to date you. No woman wants to date a man that she sees as a best guy friend or a brother type in her life, so don’t try to be these things if you want to have more than just friendship with her. Sexual chemistry with a woman is a basic NEED for a real relationship to begin, and if you do not make her feel this way, then you are probably going to get the answer that you do not want to hear. That she just does not feel that way about you.

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