Forex Trading Made Simple Easy Tips Anyone Can Follow For Big Trading Profits

By Kelly Price

Forex trading can seem daunting, after all 95% of all traders lose money but what really separates, the winners from the losers? Its not education, intelligence and working hard, winners know several key facts about Forex trading and act on them, for big currency trading profits.

The first fact to understand is being clever and working hard are not the keys to success. You just need to focus on the right education and you can learn that in a few weeks and your strategy should be kept very simple – because simple strategies work best because they have fewer elements to break than ones that are to complicated.

The Forex market is all about trading odds not certainties, Forex markets cannot be predicted in advance, like many so called gurus will tell you and prediction is really hoping and guessing. What you need to do is trade like a good poker player plays cards and that’s:

Be patient and wait for high odds trades and trade them, if you start to lose cut your losses quickly and when you get a winning trade, run it to cover your losses. Its a fact that good poker players make great FX players because they can accept their losses and keep them small. There not interested in winning every hand, their interested in increasing their pot of money, now contrast this with the way most traders trade FX.

Losing traders get angry and frustrated when they lose and run their losses and when trading on leverage this is fatal. They also lack discipline and when they lose override their trading signals and shoot from the hip. If you can’t trade a strategy with discipline, you don’t have one.

Most poker players have iron discipline and stay on course they know the profitable hand will come, they just focus on keeping their losses small until it comes and you should do the same in Forex.

So you can see from this article that Forex trading made simple is a reality; the traits that see poker players a lot of money also work in Forex and this accounts for the fact, that many of the world’s top traders are ex poker players. So get a simple method and more importantly, trade it with iron discipline and strong money management then Forex trading success can be yours.


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