How to Make a Man Want You More Than Ever Before? He Will Want You a Lot More After You Follow These

By Russell Jackson

To maintain a relationship or to make it deeper, a woman must not only be able to get a man’s attention but to keep it. To do that, she must be able to maintain his interest.

A woman must learn to love herself. Self-confidence stands out more than beauty. If she is confident, she will be able to make heads turn and keep her man’s emotional gaze riveted on her. He would also try harder to “keep” what’s “his” if he realizes that others are also very much interested.

Emotional maturity
Needy, desperate women can turn a guy off in an instant. A woman must be able to keep her emotions in check, and she must express these emotions with dignity and maturity. Whining, complaining, and outburst wouldn’t help in making him want a woman more.

Being physically attractive
A woman must be conscious of herself physically. She must be clean and fresh-smelling. She must not wear something that’s uncomfortable, instead it must be something that compliments her looks and character. To catch a man’s attention, it doesn’t hurt to have a change of appearance every now and then.

Being romantic
A man’s idea of romance is sensual and sexy. Be a tease. Simple things and subtle cues can make a man go gaga. Flirt with him like it was “back then”. You must also learn to be spontaneous and adventurous. Be fun by spicing up the relationship and by trying out new things together. This will make the relationship more enjoyable and keep it from becoming routinary.

Be a caring partner.
A man falls for a woman because of how she makes him feel about himself. Love him in his entirety. You must show him that you deeply care for him.

Being supportive
Giving support to a man is not the same as shadowing him and trying to make him feel better. Sometimes, it is better to simply leave him alone to sort things out by himself. Give him space, let him be with his friends, and don’t push him against his will.

Be independent each day of your life.
Have a life; a woman must have time for herself, to do the things she wants, and also being with her own friends. If she isn’t available for him all the time, he would want to be with her more. Being there at his every whim will not give him the chance to miss her.

It is in knowing, loving and respecting oneself that a man would want a woman more than he already does.

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