A New Way to Learn Chinese Online With ChinesePod

By Sarah Fan

The demand of Chinese skill is amazingly increasing now as China is one of the fastest developing countries. However, not everyone has the time and chance to enroll into a class to take lessons. More and more people are starting to learn Chinese online due to the convenience of the internet. There are various types of resources, from downloadable audio files to online lessons. ChinesePod is a new type of lessons online. It’s a monthly subscription course, and you need to log into the course from the internet to access each lesson.

ChinesePod is different with a lot of other famous learning program like Rosetta Stone or Tell Me More. Those programs are basically offline learning program. You install them on your own computer to learn from it. You basically learn by yourself. But ChinesePod is more interactive. You must access the course on the internet, and there is community that you can communicate with other people. And with ChinesePod, you also have chance to get a “really” class with a real teacher through online classroom. They also have one on one course, you will have a face to face class with a native speaker.

No matter you are a beginner or intermediate learner, ChinesePod has lessons for all levels. For each lesson you will learn how to hold a conversation for a specific topic. You can also download the audio files of each lesson. There are also transcript of each lesson in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. They are now also having the application for iPhone. This is a very handy tool, it can make you learn Chinese in a mobile style.

Although this program requires a little expense, it’s worth and affordable. There are different packages with different price. From basic package with 1,300 lessons to Virtual School package with teachers and weekly Skype group classes as well as online counseling. If you are bored with those offline learning program, why don’t you try a new way to learn online with ChinesePod.

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