Best Methods For Treating Rosacea

By Stuart Michael M

Rosacea is a neurovascular facial disorder, leading to the formation of red spots and inflammation on the facial parts, such as nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. In some severe cases, it can also cause swelling, facial burning, skin hyper reactivity and elangiectasia. It is a widespread disease and estimates have shown that nearly 16 million American people are facing this problem, yet only a few efficient methods for treating Rosacea have been developed till date. A number of doctors claim that the disease is caused by inefficient flushing function of blood vessels; however, they have no concrete evidence in support of the theory. It can be categorized into four groups: erythematotelangiectatic, phymatous, papulopustular, and ocular. The treatment methods are however similar for all the four subtypes and are described in the text below:

• Topical Metronidazole: It is used with oral antibiotics and has been proved very beneficial in reducing the flare-ups after the diagnosis. A medical consultation must be taken before using this medication technique.

• Sunscreens: They are helpful in reducing the harmful effects of ultra-violet radiation contained in the sunlight which is a major reason for skin redness. Sunscreens containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are very effective in protecting the skin by absorbing the harmful radiations.

• Laser Treatment: It is one of the best methods available and involves using the laser light directly on the damaged skin cells. Lasers are used for the removal of persistent redness, dilated blood vessels and rhinophyma.

• Intense Pulsed Light: It is recently developed and it uses a non-laser light resource. It has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) and has been proved successful with minimal side effects.

• Monoxidine: Monoxidine is an anti-hypertensive and is used for the treatment because of its anti-inflammatory effects. The medication is associated with a number of side effects so proper consultation is necessary.

Although the choice of a method for treating Rosacea is personal decision but it must be carefully regulated and kept under a proper watch of a specialist.

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