Finding the Right Man

By Jessica Gardner

What Qualities Make Mr. Right?

I know there are lots of women out there searching for Mr. right and trust me girls he is out there, you just have to know what to look for. One of the first things you should look for is integrity. If a man has integrity he is far more likely to stick around for the long haul. Integrity establishes that he can be faithful, loyal and honest. Another way to know if he will stick with you is his ability to deal with conflict within your relationship and his relationships with others. If he can deal constructively with conflict, then he should be able to handle any problems that come up in your relationship.

Once you find a man it’s always good to know which fights to pick. That’s right there will be fights in any relationship the key is knowing which battles to fight. Don’t argue over stupid things like toilet seats and toothpaste tubes it’s immature. If, however, your partner is repeatedly late to your dates or constantly cancelling then it’s probably safe to say he’s not a man who handles commitment well. Have you ever seen those couples that don’t fight? The trouble with them is that they bottle it all up and then they eventually explode. Don’t explode let your partner know when you are having difficulty with something he’s done or is doing. If you do this you will probably have a stronger relationship.

Another thing women really look for in a man is intelligence. If a man can’t carry a decent conversation on even mundane topics how will you ever communicate over the long run. We also want him to be funny. If we can find an intellegent man with a sense of humour, then we will probably be putty in his hands. When life gets serious and stressful it’s always nice to have a man that can relax you and lighten the situation with a good joke.

Other very important traits we need to look for in a man are, hardworking, goal oriented, reliability and shared values. If a man is hard-working and goal oriented then you can be sure that he will always do his best to take care of you and see that your future is in capable hands especially if that future contains children. If a man is reliable, then we can know that if he promises to be somewhere or to do something that he will do everything he can to ensure it’s done and he’s there on time. Finding a man who shares your values is also extremely important considering that if you have kids does he feel the same way about child rearing as you do. Not to mention does he even want kids. This is important to find out before taking the plunge with someone you think you’re in love with.

Patience in the perfect man is also high on the list as there will definitely come a time you need your man to be patient with you, your family, or even your friends. If he can’t be patient he probably isn’t a good match, at least not for someone with a big family who wants kids someday.

The last and one of the most important traits to look for in Mr. Right is a sense of caring. If he doesn’t care about anything or anyone with any significance, then he’s not likely to care well for you or what you want and need from him. Caring can be as simple as knowing your favourite food and when he’s running late he picks some up on his way. If he can’t even be bothered to know your favourite food, book, movie or any other small tidbit you’ve told him, then maybe he isn’t the right man after all.

So ladies good luck in your search for the right man and remember finding him is all about what qualities to look for.

Jessica is a featured writer for over 20 dating blogs. She specializes in religious dating. Recently she has guest blogged for popular lds dating websites, giving fantastic advice on how mormons date. Visit to find out more about this topic.

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