LeBron James Jersey Sales 2010 11

By Fred Jabbour

It’s unfortunate for LeBron, the Cavs and all of their fans what happened during these playoffs. Very few expected a Round 2 loss and an early end to their season. Since the loss the most highly discussed topic in the NBA world has been which jersey James will be wearing next season when he takes the court. Regardless of his decision, LeBron’s jersey sales will most likely skyrocket.

Okay, so here’s what could happen. Given the current situation, most fans in Cleveland have given up hope on expecting LeBron to stay. It’s hard to be optimistic after everything those sports fans have endured in past decades. LeBron has a few options that are being widely discussed, such as playing alongside Derrick Rose in Chicago or moving to New York and making Spike Lee proud. Regardless of what happens, he will be switching jersey numbers; remember he’s paying his respects to MJ and switching from 23 to 6. If he switches teams, he’ll have heaps of fans both in his new city and across the country buying his new jersey. If he stays in Cleveland, he’ll have both Cleveland fans as well as LeBron fans in other parts of the country buying the new jersey with the new number. Either way, it’s good news for LeBron.

Now if he decides to leave it will most likely be for a larger market, such as Chicago or New York. The increase in LeBron jersey sales will be more dramatic in such a case. We’ll have to wait to find out how much more. Will LeBron James win an NBA title in the 2010-11 season? Possibly. Will his jersey top the NBA jersey sales chart. We’re pretty sure it will.

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