The Ups and Downs of the Nursing Profession

By James A Jackson

The nursing profession has its good and its bad side, its ups and its downs in much the same way that any profession does. This is a human services profession that is all about saving lives and keeping people as healthy as they can be.

The Up Side

Why would someone be drawn to becoming a nurse? Many individuals are drawn to it because they want to be of service to other people. They also enjoy the social element. As a nurse you will be interacting on a regular basis both with patients, family members and your work colleagues. If you like people and you like the health and medical field then when you combine these two elements into one you get the makings of a great nurse!

Nursing can bring with it a tremendous level of personal satisfaction as you see the efforts you have put into helping a patient result in the improved condition of the patients health. The nurse / patient bond is a strong one and can help to facilitate the healing process.

Job security and the potential to earn an excellent salary are two other reasons why the nursing profession is so fulfilling and worthwhile. Nurses are in demand and their skills are needed everywhere which means that their job security is practically guaranteed. A nurse has the opportunity to earn a good living for him or herself. The living a nurse can earn increases based on the education level the individual has.

The Down Side

Nurses spend their time around those who are sick and dying. Some of the sick will get well while others will not. This can be very emotionally traumatic and heart wrenching to the nurse who is not able to separate her own emotions from her work. This can be a downside to the nursing profession. Some people can handle these delicate situations easier than other people can. Only you know if you are someone who can cope with these difficult circumstances on a day-to-day basis or not.

The nursing profession is not a nine-to-five job. Hospitals are open all of the time and they need to be staffed around the clock. This means that you will be working all different types of shifts, from the earliest in the morning to the middle of the night. You will also be expected to work weekends sometimes as well as holidays. If you cannot commit to different shifts then nursing is not the occupation for you.

The education involved in studying to become a nurse is not simple or easy. You will need to have excellent study habits and to be completely dedicated to your studies in order to pass all of your courses. The courses are labor intensive. To pass you will require extensive medical knowledge, the ability to react quickly, the ability to work as part of a team and you will require a keen eye for details and for observation.

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