5 Simple Stress Management Techniques Anyone Can Apply

By Allan Wu

Stress can make a person both emotionally and mentally ill. To most people it is but a usual part of life. However, if taken lightly and ignored for a long time, stress may develop to a more serious mental and emotional illnesses. To prevent this from happening one should learn how to manage stress.

There are many stress management techniques and no single technique can be considered the best. However, there are simple techniques that anyone can follow to at least reduce and manage stress.

Stress Acceptance

A person must learn that stress is part of his daily life and it cannot be avoided but can be reduced. Doing so will enable a person to cope up with it easily. A person must learn to use stress positively. Sportsperson have been able to achieve this. Before a competition, athletes feel nervous and it’s a sign of stress. By accepting that stress is but normal they learn to manage and cope up with it. At the start of competition you will see good concentration from athletes and they exhibit no traces of stress or nervousness.

Avoid Getting Near Stressed Out People

Stress like a cold can be caught by easily by other people. When you feel that a person is stressed out, avoid or limit your contact with them. If contact cannot be avoided, try not to be influenced by their stress. Instead, teach them how to positively manage their stress by teaching them your knowledge on how to deal with it.

Practice Relaxation Breathing

Breathing can play an important role in calming a person. Learning how to breathe slowly and deeply using the abdomen is a good way to relax. This relaxation breathing increases the oxygen flow in the body thus triggering the release of endorphins. Endorphins help a person relax and aid in boosting energy.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts will bring out negative feelings and therefore lead to stress. Anything negative can bring out stress. Avoiding sad thoughts will help reduce if not prevent stress. Try to do something you enjoy and keep yourself busy. This way you will not have time to think about negative thoughts.

Seek Help from the Experts

Sometimes people tend to ignore stress until they come to a point that stress has gotten them seriously sick emotionally and mentally. Seeking professional help is a good option to relieve stress and to bring back your positive views in life.

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