Allergy Natural Relief May Help Fight Cancer

By Philip Gegan

Can an allergy be a sign of having a natural relief for cancer and other serious illnesses?

According to a recently published study from Texas Tech University, it probably can. Dr Zuber Mulla, an epidemiologist at Texas Tech University, who led the study team, said, “More work is still needed, but the numbers show that allergy is a statistically significant protective factor.”

The studies were into the causes of ovarian cancer, and it found that the chances of allergy sufferers succumbing to cancer were much lower than those of non-allergy sufferers. The only possible reason they could suggest was that adverse reactions to things such as pollen or dust mites stimulate the immune system and make it more effective in fighting off true enemies such as cancer.

The study carried out by Texas Tech was into ovarian cancer, and it found that asthmatics had a 30 per cent less chance of developing ovarian cancer than non-asthmatics. It also found that children allergic to airborne irritants had a 40 per cent less chance of developing leukemia than children who did not suffer from allergies.

This is by no means the only study that has found this link between allergy reaction and resistance to potentially fatal illnesses. Earlier studies have been carried out by Cornell University, Minnesota University, Harvard, and also the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening, and these have produced similar kinds of findings.

Canadian studies have been published showing that people who suffer from hay fever or similar allergies have an up to 58 per cent less chance of developing pancreatic cancer, compared to people who do not suffer from allergies.

Perhaps these findings should not be all that surprising. All of us want a strong immune system so as to protect us from cancer and other potentially fatal illnesses. But very often, it seems, our immune system is just a little too strong. Rather than just protecting us from serious illness, it can err on the safe side and raise the defenses to what are really harmless intruders in the form of, for example, pollen or dust mites.

The result, as we all know, is all the unpleasant symptoms of allergy reaction – sneezing, a runny nose, watering eyes, and a feeling of general wretchedness. And this can go on for weeks if not months in severe cases, prompting us to seek natural remedies for hay fever and other allergies.

But the lesson to learn here is that perhaps those of us who suffer in varying degrees from hay fever or other allergic reactions should count our blessings and realise that our immune system is only doing its job, albeit too effectively for our own good, but that it is nevertheless keeping us safe from other, far more deadly, conditions.

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