Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? How to Make Him Love Me Deeply

By Andrew Kristen

When your relationship with your boyfriend is not going along the way that you want it to be, you will start to wonder, “does my boyfriend really love me?” So here is a quick check to your question on whether he loves you truly.

Did he set priorities on you?

When a man is truly in love with his woman, he will have his priorities right in life. For example, when it comes to free time or spending weekend, he would try to spend time with you rather than going parties with his friends. If he suddenly been making excuses that he cannot spend time with you, and you happen to find out that he has been hanging out having fun with his friends, this is actually a warning sign to take note of his heart change.

Did he communicate with you frequently?

Another way to know the answer to “does my boyfriend really love me” is his communication with you. If he used to call you almost every day, but suddenly has been not calling you so consistently and whereby his workload is still the same, you really have to pay closer attention to what he is thinking.

Did he give you the freedom to be yourself?

If your boyfriend loves you deeply, he will give you the freedom to express and be yourself. He will not try to dominate you and there is a strong balance in the relationship. He loves you for who you are and even if you are not as demure as other ladies, he will not wish to change you.

Did he remember the important occasion?

You love your boyfriend so you will make sure you remember all the important occasion such as his birthday and anniversary. Likewise for your boyfriend, if he loves you deeply, he will remember the dates too. If he forgets about it, please do not get paranoid that he is losing love on you. Hear what he says, because he probably did not do it deliberately.

Did he introduce you to his family members?

When a man truly loves the woman, he will definitely want to introduce the woman to his closest people because when his family approves your presence, it is as good as giving blessings to both of you and this is a important step to bring your relationship to the next level.

These are the few signs on whether your boyfriend loves you truly. If you still have doubts on his feelings, the Love Relationship Tips on the next page could actually tell you how to make him deeply in love with you.

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