How to Be More Confident in Yourself

By Drifa Ulfarsdottir

Self confidence is extremely important to living a happy and balanced life. Lack of self confidence can interfere in your best efforts to excel and achieve in your lifetime. When you do not have enough self confidence you will hesitate to voice your opinion, stand up for yourself or take a stand. You will feel more defensive and anxious especially in social situations.

Do you avoid putting yourself out there and becoming the center of attention, do you put off asking for that raise because you just do not feel you deserve it yet, are you procrastinating about starting that project or business because you lack self confidence? You can feel better starting today.

You have within you the tools you need to break away from feeling less than you are. You can feel great about yourself, become a leader and achieve better relationships both at home and in the workplace by following a few easy to do tips and tricks. With a little effort each day you can increase your self confidence and feel better about yourself. Below are a few tips for increasing self confidence

Celebrate your previous accomplishments. Look at what you do and what you have done in the past. Pick out the things that you feel were really great and celebrate them. Give yourself a pat on the back. Look at what you have learned, the wisdom you have gained and the experiences you have had. Self confidence comes from looking at past experiences and recognizing achievement. When you celebrate yourself the same way you would celebrate other peoples achievements you give yourself the gift of increased self confidence.

Conquer procrastination! When you overcome the habit of procrastination you begin to achieve more. The more you achieve the more experience you gain. You will begin to feel better and better about yourself. When you are overwhelmed you tend to procrastinate and projects pile up, life becomes hectic and stressful. All of a sudden you feel that you are running in circles and are overwhelmed. It becomes increasingly difficult to start and finish projects. Start conquering procrastination by making a conscious decision to delegate what you can, skip the things that are not essential and to tackle one project at a time. Relax and take your time. The more we hurry the longer things seem to take.

Inspire your soul. When you are spiritually stagnant and do not take time to nurture your inner self you cannot feel confident. Read self help books, go to motivational seminars, get a Life Coach or meditate. Even getting outside for a walk can be helpful. The most important thing is that you feel more complete, you experience personal growth and feel inspired. When the passion within is ignited your confidence grows so get out there and ignite your passion.

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Drifa Ulfarsdottir is a Certified Professional Coach and a member of ICF. She graduated from the International Coach Academy and works as a Life Coach through Coaching Cognition. She is the owner and founder of A Date for Success specializing in helping woman find their passion and pursue their dreams.

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