How to Treat Inflammation Here Are Some of the Ways

By Gordon P Hall

Inflammation is often seen on the outside of the body as a red swollen area. The swollen part of your body is natures way of keeping the injured area immobile.

The red part is your bodies defences coming together to fight off inflammation. Inflammation is your bodies answer to such things as poor diet and disease due to bacteria or virus.

How to treat inflammation. Examples of inflammation are injuries, joint problems and even rheumatoid arthritis. An imbalance between your intake of Omega 3 and your Omega 6s are common, especially in the western world.

Did you know that some people’s ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is sometimes as high as 30 to 1. No wonder we suffer from inflammation. Some experts say that the ratio is closer to 14 to 1.

How to treat inflammation. Omega 6s are the cause of not only inflammation, but heart disease and stroke. There is an easy way to cut your Omega 6s. Just stop using canola oil, peanut oil and sunflower oil. They are bad for you.

Use an ordinary olive oil instead for your cooking. You do not need a virgin oil for cooking. It is an unfortunate fact of life that our meat is low in the essential fatty acids. This is because of the modern day farming practices.

The cattle are being fed grain instead of their natural diet of grass. If you go to your local farmers market, you can still find meat from cattle that have been fed grass. You will pay a premium for this meat, but the taste will be worth it, and it is more healthy for you.

How to treat inflammation. There is good news for those that suffer from inflammation however. There is a company that is located in New Zealand whose research department has developed an Omega 3 supplement that has double the anti-inflammatory properties of other highly concentrated oils.

This oil has been proven to not only lower inflammation but also helps to prevent hear attacks and strokes. This company will deliver their products to your door, no matter where you live in the world.

Some experts suggest we take some herbs that have healing properties. Some of these herbs are Turmeric which is useful for swelling and pain and ginger which is useful for arthritis.

Once, not that long ago, we were urged to eat several meals of fish per week, now however, because of the pollution in our oceans and in our fish, we can no longer afford to eat so much fish.

These contaminants such as lead, and mercury and the PCBs are the reason that these days it pays us to take an omega 3 fish oil supplement on a daily basis.

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