How to Understand a Vegetarian Diet Plan

By Kelly Simpson

Many people don’t get it when they hear the words “vegetarian diet plan.” This is oftentimes due to a misunderstanding about vegetarianism-assuming that all vegetarians eat nothing but pasta and therefore cannot lose weight. Others assume that because a person doesn’t eat meat that they eat incredibly healthy, but this also isn’t so. Understanding what nutrients you need and the right way to attempt a vegetarian diet is the key to losing weight without consuming meat.

Getting your carbs.

Though ridding your diet of empty carbs is a great way to slim down, eliminating them altogether can be an unhealthy (and dangerous) move in any vegetarian diet plan. Incorporating whole grains is essential, and vegetarians obviously need their vegetables! Stay away from the starchy varieties, however-including potatoes and corn. Instead, opt for leafy greens, broccoli, different varieties of squash, and a good variety, too! Keeping things fresh and different will keep you from falling into the trap of deprivation.

Getting your protein.

Any vegetarian will tell you that getting enough protein is certainly possible. However, it is essential to be careful that the proteins in any diet plan are abundant, but not bringing along with it too much fat. Remember that ingesting fat with your meal is important for digestion as well as nutrient absorption, but fat in excess is still fat. Therefore, stocking up on cheese as your main source of protein is likely not the best option for a vegetarian diet plan. Get a mix-cheeses, nuts, beans and legumes are all great options. Just think moderation.

Speaking of fats.

It is important to reiterate that last sentence: Just think moderation. Healthy fats have wonderful benefits, and are an essential part of any diet plan. It is just important to eat them sparingly. Don’t down an entire can of nuts in one sitting-sprinkle them on salads or have a few with fruit as a snack mid-day. Avocado is a delicious and wonderfully healthy fat. Slice up a fourth of one to put on a sandwich (made with whole wheat bread, of course). There is a whole host of ways to incorporate healthy fats into your vegetarian diet plan.

Always remember that within any vegetarian diet plan getting a sufficient amount of nutrients is far more important than losing weight. Focus on being healthy, and the pounds will shed naturally.

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