Implementing a Uniform Policy For Your Office

By George Ruth

Implementing a uniforms policy for your office is a significant undertaking.

Chances are you have spent considerable sums of money making your office look professional and appealing. You want your staff’s appearance to also look professional and aesthetically pleasing. Remember: the impression your staff gives to clients and patients reflect on your professionalism. Your clients will feel much more comfortable scheduling appointments with a staff member who looks professional. An assortment of dress styles from lab coats or casual attire makes your office look disorganized and haphazard. Here are the key principles to consider.

When all your staff wears the same uniforms your office provides a favorable impression. Staff members can be immediately identified and the psychology of similar or identical uniforms helps them perform as a team player.

Select a uniform that appeals to a wide variety of your clientele. Flashy, outlandish colors or designs may be the talk of the office, but detracts from the professional demeanor you wish to maintain.

Staff Input
Having staff input on selection means that they will more likely accept the type and color uniform that is ultimately chosen.

Uniforms can have the names of staff members embroidered where it is readily seen. Clientele feel more comfortable knowing whom they encounter.

Matching Outfits
A matching lab coat helps maintain a consistent appearance on chilly days.

Each employee should have one uniform for each day of the week they work in the office. Each employee can be assigned the task of taking care and maintaining their own uniforms.

Office Policy
Your office uniform policy needs to be kept in writing for easy reference by you and your employees. Treat everyone in your office the same way and do not have different requirements based on gender or age.

When your staff wears similar uniforms, you have created a staff appearance that is organized, tidy, and professional.

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