Industrial Organizational Psychologists For HR Departments

By Amanda Chan

Nowadays there are many university programs that offer bachelor’s degrees in industrial-organizational psychology. Individuals, who have a Bachelor’s degree may work in human resources. But they may also find a job in other areas. However, if you are looking for greater job opportunities and higher pay, you’ll probably may to consider continuing your education at the master’s level. There are many opportunities for job candidates with Master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology. These individuals often work in human resources, consulting, government, and positions in the private sector.

If you are interested in the career of an industrial organizational psychologist, you should possess the following features of character. One skill that is very important is communication. Besides you should have an idea of organization. If one is interested in consulting work, they would have to have a great deal of knowledge and background in Industrial Organizational psychology.

You can participate in a doctoral program while receiving their master’s at the same time. Nowadays there are many different doctoral programs but most of them require you to spend 1 year working on an internship along with writing a dissertation. Individuals with doctoral degrees in industrial organizational psychology may work as research/senior scientists, organizational development leaders and professors working on a tenure track position.

With a master’s degree in i/o psychology, one has many more choices when it comes to job opportunities. With this degree one could start off their career working as an HR specialist. They could also focus their career on working for a consulting firm, teaching at a university or devoting their life to research in industrial organizational psychology. Some typical job titles with a master’s degree are Senior Research Consultant, HR Consulting Assistant or Employee Relations Manager.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, one can have numerous job opportunities. If I/O is what one is interested in, human resource (HR) jobs could be appealing. These particular jobs involve lots of interaction with people. For most companies, it is the HR department that helps with the hiring of new employees, training of employees and benefits.

This pay range also depends on the type of background skills one might have. For instance, if you have been certified in healthcare/insurance information, you would be considered to be an HR specialist in insurance and might have a higher pay range.

Read more about industrial organizational psychology – specific specialty areas in industrial organizational psychology include human-computer interaction and human factors. Consulting opportunities are also available for experienced industrial organizational psychologists. If the cognitive, emotional and developmental potential and pathologies of the human experience are an area of professional interest for you, a Bachelors or graduate Illinois Psychology degree may be the next step toward a challenging and rewarding career.

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