Its Not What They Say, Its What You Hear!

By Paul Fryatt

Be careful who you listen to when at a car auction. I was with a friend one night at a car auction and my friend was interested in a particular car. After examining the car for a while, there were 2 men started looking at it as well. Just as these 2 guys went to walk away, one of them made a negative remark about the car and then they walked off. My friend looked at me after the comment had been made and said, ‘did you hear that’? I said, ‘don’t worry that was for our benefit’.

Later in the evening when this car was going to be sold, guess who ended up buying it? You guessed it, the 2 guys who tried to turn us off from buying it! Another time I was looking round a car and this other guy had been spending quite a bit of time looking at the car and was obviously very interested in it. After I came over to start looking he crawled out from underneath the car and said to his friend, ‘the car is no good, the chassis is bent’!

Try not to be distracted. Your job is to concentrate fully on what you are at the auction for, which is to buy the car you want for the best possible price. So the point of the story is this:- be careful to what you listen to at a car auction because, ‘it’s not what they say, it’s what you hear!’ You may not experience this, but be aware of it just in case.

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