Knowing Only the Law of Attraction is Not Enough You Also Need to Use the Law of Thinking

By Nikola Iliev

The Law of Attraction is an important one, but it is not the only law of the Universe. The laws of the Universe, as exposed in the 1941 classic by Raymond Holliwell “Working with the Law,” are 11 and the first one of them is the Law of Thinking.

“The Secret” told us that we become what we think about, so it is only natural that the first law is the Law of Thinking. But what exactly are its principles? The Law of Thinking requires the so-called Upward Bound Thinking, which is positive thinking taken to a higher ground. This means never allowing yourself to think negatively and always striving for something better and higher.

The Law of Thinking and its correct application can bring you financial benefits. When you learn how to banish negative thoughts permanently from your mind, you will be able to attract exactly the object of your desires. But exactly what is so important about our thoughts and how do we change them?

Our thoughts can be both positive and negative. The bad thing is that most of them have taken hold of our minds from a very young age and thus rule our lives. Most often these thoughts are passed on from our parents, or people who were around us while we were growing up. As a result, we might believe that money is evil, that we are no good, that we should better stick to what we have, and other so-called limiting beliefs. Would not you want to learn how to eliminate these limiting beliefs?

Scientists have proven that your thoughts travels 930,000 times faster than the speed of our voice. What are the implications of this? No other force or power in the Universe yet known is as great or quick. Here is how to properly harness the full potential and put it to work for you. You would first need to isolate your negative patterns and replace them with positive, empowering patterns. Then you have to enforce the new pattern until it is firmly settled in your mind.

In fact, you might sometimes be wondering why a brilliant educated ethical person like you can be broke. The single most crucial action to break those soul-crushing dead end patterns is to take hold of your thinking through following the Law of Thinking. One needs to harness the power of his or her thoughts to visualize the future good they are after with a clear vision. Do you know that one old man, who had achieved a lot in life replied to the question of whether his vision was deteriorating with age like this:
“My sight is getting poor, but my vision has never been better.” Obviously, this a result of following the Law of Thinking.

By now you should be convinced of the importance of following the Law of Thinking. If you wish to learn more about this law and the other laws, then you should check out the program by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey called “The 11 Forgotten Laws.” You can find a review of this program at the link below, together with reviews of several other Law of Attraction programs. Have fun manifesting the object of your desires!

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