Learn Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide For Starting Out

By Robert Hemken Jr.

If you would like to learn affiliate marketing there is no need to purchase expensive programs, software or systems. In fact many paint a picture for beginners that is way more complicated than it is in reality. The basic methods which can be easily learned by anyone are not rocket science. To learn affiliate marketing and succeed you have to use good common sense and be willing to work at it. Here are the basic needs and actions that will launch your affiliate marketing adventure.

1. A Computer With An Internet Connection.

No duh! But without this you are sunk. Here are a couple of suggestions for tuning things up a bit. A fast connection is best. At least DSL. Things can be accomplished with dial-up but you will pull your hair out. Use Mozilla Firefox for your browser. Other browsers will work but Firefox is the most versatile and shows pages the most accurately. A desktop computer is fine but a laptop is more mobile and will allow you to work from almost anywhere.

Now if you don’t have any or all of the above there is no need to panic. They can be acquired down the road as your success grows. In the meantime you could use a friends computer or one at the library to get things started. I just mention the above as a goal to strive for as far as the actual hardware needed.

2. Find A Niche Market.

If you think about this for a second it is really obvious. Everything revolves around supply and demand. You need a hungry audience. An audience looking for a solution to a specific or defined problem. Once you find an audience and understand what they need you locate an affiliate product and deliver it to them. This could be a physical product, a service or a digital product. For those just learning affiliate marketing a downloadable digital product is best because the commissions are higher and the affiliate networks are easier to join.

This can be worked in reverse. I mean you could locate a product first then find a niche market to offer it to. For some this seems to be easier and does work, but if you can learn to find the niche first your chances for success are much higher and you will be more flexible on the products or services you provide.

Learn to love Goggle. Learn how to use them to do your market research up front to identify a profitable niche market and enter it at a place were searches are high and the competition is low so you have a better chance at success.

Any search terms (keyword phrases) that are getting 100+ searches a day in Google and return less than 100K search results are worth further investigation. If there are little to no searches for the keywords or to many competitors you need to look elsewhere.

3. Take Action and Work Diligently.

Plan your work and work your plan. That is why it is called a “marketing campaign.” Set a specific daily schedule or routine and stick to it. Much of affiliate marketing is boring work but still needs to be done. This will take discipline on your part not to be distracted and waste your time with fruitless surfing or being over studious. 50% learning and 50% taking action is a good ratio.

90% of the work is done on the front side of your campaigns and once done properly they will bear fruit and continue to bring in revenue with little to no maintenance. Like painting a car or a house, all the work is in the prep. Be patient and realize that success comes slowly more often than not. You will be building an affiliate marketing business with a portfolio of campaigns and multiple streams of income. You will make mistakes. Don’t waste time lamenting over them but rather learn from them and do better the next time.

As you can see, to learn affiliate marketing and see success all revolves around some pretty basic guidelines. More than anything else it is a mind set and without a boss you will have to find ways to keep yourself motivated. Of course this short article in no way can cover every detail on how to learn affiliate marketing but some of the basic concepts have been revealed so you know what success expects of you.

To Learn Affiliate Marketing takes basic steps and a desire to see them through to success. If you think you might have what it takes then wouldn’t 10 easy lessons be right up your alley?

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