Market Yourself As an Online Copywriter

By Yee CM

Advertising and Copy writing is quite well link to each other as both stand similarly to the same meaning. Most of us know what is advertising, which is to promote or create awareness about something to certain community or to the public. Advertising can be exercised either by online or offline.

Copy writing is not about copying other people writing as its name spells, but is a method or skill, mostly used online to market or in advertising by writing persuasive words to attract the reader to take certain action on the object or item being advertise.

Well, it’s quite simple to tell apart these two. Advertising is an action and copy writing is a skill in online advertising. Even though copy writing commonly used in online coordination, certain practice can be well achieved too by using it in offline coordination. Bear in mind that copy writing is a skill that influences in advertising and the results are achieved by how you practice the skills, whether online or offline coordination.

In offline coordination, advertising is produced or developed by a marketing team or marketing executives, while advertising in online coordination requires a person with copy writing skills and hence was called the copywriter. The job function of a copywriter is quite similar to a marketing executive who is to market or launch something and see through it to reach a specific target or goal. While their job function maybe the same but the set of skills to accomplish their task maybe different from each other.

For example, the bigger the project, the more people or resource the marketing executives need to get involved or interact with, but a copywriter may not need to interact with as much people as the marketing executives to complete the project. This is the different between the online and offline world.

Both of these require their own techniques or methods to complete the whole idea, hence there are many advertising and copy writing teachings out there e.g. classes, seminars, and e-books to guide them in these field to absorb the knowledge and enhance it for their profitable ground.

Generally, to be a marketing executive in advertising, it is a necessity to require a certain level of qualification or certify education in advertising (depends on individual country) in order to enter the advertising field e.g. MBA or degree/diploma in marketing where copy writing does not indicate that necessity to enter the advertising field.

As stated earlier, copy writing is a skill and is not base on education background. How well it is performed, is depend on how well you understand, harness and manipulate the skill. Unlike a marketing executive, there is no time constrain to be in the advertising field as a copywriter. There is one similarity though, which is both require experiences. The more experience exposed to, the better performance will be gained.

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