Stop Excessive Sweating Before Going Out For the Evening

By Carla Wise

During exercise or yard work sweating really isn’t too much of a problem because people expect you to be a little hot. But when you go out for the evening with friends and are sweating while simply sitting down, it’s a very embarrassing condition. You think about how others might see you as you perspire for apparently no reason.

There are some practical tips to help stop excessive sweating before going out or at least reducing the sweating.

First of all, take a nice cool shower. It doesn’t have to be really long, but a longer shower with cool or even cold water can help reduce your internal body temperature quite a bit. Use antibacterial soaps on your sweating problem areas. This can help with the odor problems significantly. Sweat by itself doesn’t really smell bad since its water with some salt and a few other minerals. What makes sweat smell is the bacteria. Reducing these bacteria can reduce the smell.

Wear clothes that are appropriate to “mask” any sweating problems but also make sure they can breath. Comparing polyester to cotton, polyester can dry up to three times faster than cotton. You might make choices based on materials that can wick away and dry much faster than other materials that might hold in sweat.

When going out, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods as these will cause more sweating than necessary.

Water is your friend when it comes to keep a cooler internal body temperature. Drink water regularly and especially drink before going out for the evening. In the long run this is a big part of stopping excessive sweating problems.

Lastly, just relax. When you start worrying about your sweating, it causes you to become nervous. As this anxiety increases so does your sweating. If you relax you can break this cycle of sweating more because you are worried about sweating.

Some people have excessive sweating problems that cause problems in social situations. Learn a few things that you can do that will help you sweat a bit less.

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