The Magnaflow Exhaust Review

By Ken Bishop

This Magnaflow exhaust review is meant for vehicle enthusiasts who want to improve their vehicle or just want to maintain it at excellent quality, one of the first things to consider is its exhaust system. Among the leading exhaust system companies that are currently in the market is the Magnaflow brand. Whatever type of vehicle you drive, MagnaFlow exhaust systems are dyno-proven which are strong enough to endure a grueling racing. Every system is intended to bolt right on and give your vehicle years of painless performance. This exhaust gives a smooth, deep tone that is perfect for grocery-getting SUV’s with relaxed tow duties to full blown modded drag racing diesel pickups. Magnaflow exhaust is also 100% stainless steel.

Aside from that Magnaflow performance exhaust delivers a smooth, deep tone, is 100% stainless steel, has fully polished mufflers, and has a lifetime of warranty. Except for some few selected systems, Diesel Exhaust, your kit comes with a polished, stainless steel tip for each tailpipe in your system.

Other features of the Magnaflow include:

-Custom crafted for your vehicle’s specific year, make and model

-Lowers down engine heat, alleviates back-pressure and develops exhaust scavenging for more power and enormous efficiency

There are 3 grades for a Magnaflow Exhaust System:

-Pro Series exhaust is Magnaflow’s basic system for diesel engines which includes stainless steel muffler(s). The tips are sold separately though.

-XL Series exhaust is Magnaflow’s mid-rank system for diesel engines, which includes a satin finish muffler(s) and single-wall clamp exhaust tip(s)

Magnaflow Series exhaust is Magnaflow’s top rank diesel system, crafted from their best materials, including elegant muffler(s) and double-walled welded exhaust tip(s)

According to customers who have tried the Magnaflow Exhaust, they would rate this exhaust based on the following criteria:

-Appearance – Excellent

-Installation Very easy to install; very good

-Price or Value – Overall the Magnaflow exhaust system is considered a bit pricey as compared to other exhausts available in the market

-Quality – Excellent

A lot of customers have also praised Magnaflow for the excellent customer service that they have received. Apparently, it is okay for a product to be a little bit expensive as long as customer service is great and that they are assured that they will be helped by an expert anytime and every time they have trouble with their Magnaflow exhaust. Of course it goes without saying the product must be worthy.

Overall, this exhaust system is excellent for those who are searching for a performance exhaust system with minimal to zero drone. It is not excessively loud as well, even getting really quiet when cruising. This specific feature is what endeared this exhaust system to car enthusiasts in the first place. However, a few have also remarked that this exhaust system does not have any noticeable gains in mileage or power.

So if you are looking for excellent sound for your car, the Magnaflow exhaust systems are among the brands that should be considered. Their customer service, as well as the machine itself, will be worth the money that you spend on it.

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