Things You Should Do to Prevent Back Pain

By Harry N Stewart

Back pain has become a big problem for many people, as many doctors say that this pain is hard to cure. It may take few weeks of treatment when the pain gets worse, so you can imagine how you will be unproductive and your boss will get mad. Knowing this, of course you do not want to have it. It means that you should do some exercises while also trying to do daily activities more properly.

If you live alone, you will do anything by yourself, including lifting heavy stuffs. When seeing some boxes containing papers, kitchen sets, or just something you just ordered, you may want to directly get them over your sight. Then, the technique you use to lift them could be improper and unsafe, causing you a very uncomfortable back pain.

Safe lifting requires you to spare your back by using your legs. Then, you should bend your knees and tighten abdominal muscles as the recommended position. When lifting the object, try to ensure that the object is close to your body. Every time you are going to lift heavy objects, remember to apply the positions as recommended above, as the wrong ones will cause you strain.

It is also good to avoid twisting motions when you do housework. Try to watch the way you move your spine to free you from the risk of pain or tightness. Twisting motions can cause you a trouble, so they should be monitored or even eliminated.

If you are free, such as on Sundays, you can do exercises as they give benefits to your muscles. Back pain happens because the muscles of the spine are weak, making them crucial to be strengthened. In this case, abdominals are the parts that need the strength the most. If you join a fitness program, try to include stretching in order to avoid stiffness. For your information, stiff muscles can lead you to injury.

In exercises, warming up and cooling down are important. You will need 5-10 minute warm up to prevent injury. It helps your muscles to adapt to heavier activities to avoid you from getting possible pain. For the best results, try to include stretching in the warm up. Stretching is also needed in cool up process, in which it helps you relieve muscles tightness, balance the action of muscles, and relieve joint strain.

Back inversion table is equipment you should consider to heal your back pain. It allows you to do the therapy at home, so you can save money by not visiting a doctor. If you do not have any idea, you can try Mastercare inversion table.

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