Top Ocular Rosacea Causes and Symptoms!

By Stuart Michael M

Rosacea is a form of skin problem that is chronic in nature. It is known to affect people usually in their 30’s and 40’s, but there is no certain age limit. It is characterized by facial redness, which affects parts of the face such as the nose, chin, and forehead. The skin vessels enlarge and they become visible through the skin, which is why the redness shows through the skin surface.

When Rosacea affects the eyes, it is referred to as Ocular Rosacea. Those who affected by Rosacea, can experience this problem. The result of this skin problem is that it can inflame the eyes and create swelling in the eyelids. It is also noticed that the eyes become bloodshot and even eye lashes may fall out. Other symptoms of ocular rosacea include eye itching, eye redness, style and inflamed eyelids. Eye problems associated with rosacea include Iritis, Hypopyoniritis, Keratitis and Iridocyclitis.

This problem cannot be fully cured, but can be treated and controlled to a great extent. The patient should take prescribed medication and also avoid having alcohol, hot drinks, and spicy food. They should also not expose themselves to harmful radiation and make use of sunscreen.

The symptoms of Ocular Rosacea are not based on the progress or severity of Rosacea. When Ocular Rosacea reaches at its most severe form, it is known as Keratitis. In such a condition, the person experiences cornea irritation. This can cause pain in the eyes and can also affect vision as well in some cases. As Keratitis makes a person highly sensitive to light and when not treated properly, it can also result in more vision complications.

Studies show that 20% to 60%of Rosacea sufferers also have Ocular Rosacea. The primary cause of ocular rosacea is flushing and vascular dysfunction. Flushing disrupts the normal tear film of the eye, thus it creates inflammation on the surface of the eyes. Eventually it can also trigger burning sensation and stimulates the eye’s sensory nerves.

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