Using Fish Oil For Health

By Val McQueen

Having a healthy body and lifestyle doesn’t come by accident. It requires dedication to exercise and a balanced diet, which can be difficult with today’s busy schedules.

To help you reach your goal of overall wellness, why not supplement your diet with fish oil? Much has been written and discussed about the use of fish oil as a supplement because its health benefits are becoming widely known. You can buy fish oil supplements at health food and nutritional stores.

Sometimes people give negative connotations to oils. We have been led to believe that all oils are bad for us, by blocking arteries and causing weight gain. This is not true of all oils. Many oils have health benefits including, fish, olive, sunflower and canola oils.

This oil is so wonderful because it can decrease the bad cholesterol in your body, such as LDL and triglycerides. A lot of LDL can cause circulatory problems as LDL builds up in the blood vessel walls.

There are even more benefits to taking fish oil supplements. It can improve your immune system and organ functions. By decreasing toxin levels in the body, it can reduce stress on your liver and kidneys.

It is also believed to improve short term memory and mental acuity, because it contains EPA and DHA – enzymes that are derived from Omega-3 fatty acids. The oil’s antioxidants have also been known to enhance mood and delay signs of aging.

When deciding on these products, look for the highest quality you can find. Be sure that you are taking pure fish oil products.

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