Watch Your Daily Activities to Prevent Back Pain!

By Harry N Stewart

Back pain is commonly experienced by working people who sit for hours in their office. Having this pain is bothering since someone cannot finish their job well, which is related to the discomfort feeling. Actually, you can prevent this pain by doing daily activities properly.

A very simple thing you should do to prevent back pain is drinking plenty of water. As suggested by doctors, this activity gives many benefits to our body, including in preventing back pain. In this case, the amount of water you drink helps enhance the height of intervetebral disks. Further, it leads you to “fluid” body, not the stiff one, so there will be no problem to do any kind of activities.

If you are not slim now and you agree with the statement “big is beautiful”, change this thought! Researches have shown that being overweight brings us to many illnesses, so it will be good to maintain our weight. Logically, your bones, which act as the construction of your body, will face difficulties in holding your body if it is too heavy. Maintaining your weight helps prevent postural abnormalities, and avoid compression and loading of intervetebral disks.

Sleep is also an activity worth considering since the positions you take when you are sleeping define the quality of your sleep. The right position will not cause unnecessary strains on your body parts, such as back and neck. You may get confused on many advises about recommended ideal sleep positions that you read on books or watch on TV. Who knows your body is you, so just feel free to try your comfort levels and use your own judgment to know what positions that fit you the best.

In office, force yourself to stand up and move somewhere anytime you get a chance, such as going to pantry to take some water and taking work sheets in the cabinets. Sitting for hours can cause intervertebral disk problems, so you can avoid it by tricking on the location of your stuffs. Use your creativity to put the stuffs somewhere that needs you to walk, even in your small office room.

When you have a back pain, you do not need to directly decide to contact a doctor or a therapist to cure it. Technology eases you by providing equipment that helps you stretch your body to make you better, which is called inversion stretch table. You can also consider back inversion table to solve your back pain problem.

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