What Are the Causes of My Boil?

By Simon Yeatman

Boils are infections that are usually caused by an infection inside the hair follicles. There are other infections that look similar to a boil, but hair follicles are the usual cause of boils. Boils can be referred to as furuncles, and when a collection of boils join together to join a network they can be referred to as carbuncles.

Bacteria that mainly causes boils is called staphylococci or sometimes referred to as Staph. The Staphylococci genus includes thirty two species and 8 sub-species. Staph bacteria is usually non-harmful to the carrier and many people have this bacteria inside their bodies for a long time with no noticeable side-effects,

A boil is a pus filled infections that are usually raised from the skin making them look ugly. They can be extremely painful and tender and hot to the touch. When boils are developed they will have a white or yellow point in the center that signifies that they are about to burst the pus from inside. When a boil develops it can cause the sufferer to have other symptoms including swollen lymph nodes and a fever.

A boil can appear over many different parts of the body including the face, eyes, underarms, lips, back, shoulders and also other areas as well. For obvious reasons those that are visible on the sufferers body can cause them stress and embarrassment associated with different skin conditions such as psoriasis.

The probability of you having boils at any time can be exacerbated by condition of your health. People that do not have a healthy diet or those that have poor hygiene are more susceptible to get boils during lives. Maintaining a healthy body and ensuring proper hygiene will go a long way to ensuring you do not suffer from boils as much as other’s.

Another cause of boils are in growing hairs. If a hair cannot grow properly and becomes trapped in the skin it might become infected and cause a boil to form.

When you do get a boil, it is very important that you treat it properly. If the boil becomes infected at any point you will most likely need antibiotics to manage it, and it’s never a good idea to use them if you can treat the infection without them. Boils can also be very contagious, so if they are not treated correctly they will spread which will just make the problem worse not better.

There are many ways to treat boils that depends on what stage they are at. If a boil has just started to develop you can apply heat using a press or pack. Increasing the blood flow to the infected area this way, will encourage the bodies natural defense system to try to remove the infection.

You also have the choice of using natural treatments that use homeopathic ingredients to clear the infection. One natural remedy for boils is called BoilX. BoilX is an all-natural homeopathic treatment that is effective against boils, and can relieve symptoms. Tea tree oil is another topical way to treat boils. It’s antibacterial are beneficial in fighting the infection and can help to clear the boil safely.

In conclusion, when you are trying to treat your boils, it is advisable to start sooner rather than later, and using a natural treatment is far better than having to resort to antibiotics later on.

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