A Well Groomed Man

By Nancy Omritoi

Over the years it’s been blatantly obvious that girls are expected to be well groomed at all times, but what’s expected of the guys? Men, just because it isn’t talked about doesn’t mean it isn’t expected, keeping yourself groomed and looking fabulous is just as important for the guys as it is for the girls. So how exactly should you keep yourself groomed, there is a fine line between clean cut and feminine, so where’s the line drawn? It’s as simple as keeping it simple guys, all you have to do is stay clean and controlled, nothing too over the top is necessary.

For instance, one thing girls hate about in a guy, is a dirty guy right? So, think about what looks dirty when you see it on a girl. Nose hairs, definitely not okay for your female counterpart, so keep them clipped! Fingernails and toenails keep them clean and short at least. A simple hand washing routine and weekly clipping and you should be fine, something low maintenance and quick is acceptable just so long as you aren’t sporting long dirty fingernails there’s no need for an actual manicure for most men.

Hair should be at least kempt, no one likes to run their fingers through oily greasy hair, they make great products for those flakes and washing daily or at least every other day is a must. Greasy and oily hair means dirty, and dirty is no good anymore boys. Similar goes for your eyebrows, don’t be too shameful to tweeze those extra long hairs or hairs in the middle, they can be incredibly distracting for those who aren’t used to waking up to them anymore, and can keep you from making real connections in the world. You don’t necessarily need to shape your eyebrows, simply limit the strays and keep them trimmed and you’re all set.

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