A Whole House Water Filter Softener

By David Cassell

Many options exist for those searching for a whole house water filter softener. Lots of advances in designs including reverse osmosis and carbon filtering have made it possible to soften your water without using salts or minerals that can give your water a slimy or slippery feel. Whole house water filter softeners remove about 99% of the harmful particles, bacteria and minerals from your water, giving you the purest drinking supply possible and sending soft water to your shower heads and bathroom sinks, eliminating those nasty mineral deposits and scummy films that hard water leaves behind.

Whole House Filtration Installation

Typically, whole house water filter softeners are designed to be installed at the main water line, and are typically the size of a small water heater or less. Many come with a series of filter cartridges that can be replaced very inexpensively and some advanced carbon filter systems require no maintenance at all. Most whole house water filter softeners are available online or at home improvement stores, so test the quality of your current tap water to see if installing one will be right for your home.

Kinds of Filters

Most advanced whole house filtration units will utilize filter stages such as reverse osmosis filters, carbon filters and UV light treatments. Reverse osmosis is a good method for removing large particles like salts or minerals from your water. Carbon filters will trap particles like chlorine or chemicals that may be harmful that are too small for the initial filters to trap. UV light is often a final line of defense to kill germs that may make it through the filtration system.

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