Great Barrier Reef Tour Ideas

By Tina Sherman

The Great Barrier Reef is an awesome place to be if you are planning on traveling to tropical beaches. It stretches over 1000 miles along the coast of Queensland Australia and is composed of 3000 individual reefs and 900 islands. In Australia, this place is known as the Blue Outback and this was dubbed by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site in 1981. To the rest of the world the Great Barrier Reef, no matter what it’s called is simply spectacular and awe inspiring.

A lot of visitors to the reef area combine visits to one or more islands and to the mainland of Queensland where towns and parks abound. Depending on the length of your visit, you can stay at two different resorts on two different islands, you can island hop, or you can opt to join live aboard tours where you may be taken to some remote areas depending on the permit of the tour company.

There are many ways to tour the Great Barrier Reef and here are just some ideas guaranteed to make your stay no matter how short it might be a very memorable one.

30 minutes

Got thirty minutes to spare? Go on a thrilling helicopter ride to Green Island but while heading there you will get a scenic view of the reef from the sky. Then be prepared to get blown away by the size and many colors and hues of the reef.

Half Day To A Day

If you have half a day, you can go on a delightfully unique way to explore and see the beauty of some areas of Fitzroy Island which are only accessible by water on a guided sea kayaking tour. This is an opportunity to admire the awesome view from the lighthouse on Little Fitzroy which is a small island near Fitzroy, take pictures, go snorkeling, or just sit on the beach.

Two To Three Days

Choose a specific island at the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy the variety of water and land-based activities that their resorts have to offer. For instance at Hamilton Island you can ride golf buggies or quad bikes as you tour the island, participate in Go-karting races, or you can go bush walking and that is just for land-based activities.

A Week Or More

If you’re not a serious diver you can go to Lizard Island or Hayman Island for your fill of wonderful beaches and hiking trails. On the other hand, if diving is your primary reason for visiting the Great Barrier Reef and you want to experience diving as many places possible, you can go on live aboard tours that travel to specific locations of the reef for days.

What To Bring

Of course no travel is complete without the following items: plenty of water to prevent dehydration, sunglasses to protect the eyes from the glaring sun, sunblock to protect the skin from sunburn, a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun away from the delicate skin of the face and neck, and of course your camera for capturing the moments not the creatures. If you’re wondering about wetsuits and other diving equipment, you have the option to rent them as they are included in the tour package or you can bring your own.

Choosing a good place to stay to give you all the comforts you need is a must. Go to Great Barrier Reef Hotels for hotel information and how to get great rates. When you book tours you have to consider the services offered by the tour company, Great Barrier Reef Tours has a short list to help you out.

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