Hosted PBX Advanced Telephone Solutions For Businesses

By John Steven

The hosted PBX phone system is an advanced telephone solution for small and medium-sized businesses and helps them enhance their business image. The advanced hosted PBX telephone system is integrated with stylish call management features that are usually found in the expensive premise-based phone systems of big companies. These include call conferencing, voicemail, call forwarding, voice to email, call waiting, fax to email, caller ID, auto attendant, music on hold and so on.

With virtual PBX, calls to your business office are answered by the auto attendant with appropriate salutation messages. Callers are then presented with a list of options such as dial by name, dial by extension and more. Based on the option selected by the caller, calls are immediately routed to the proper extensions. The system handles multiple calls arriving simultaneously and performs quick call routing without giving off connection busy indications.

Efficiency in Communication

The hosted PBX phone system offers your workforce greater flexibility and enhances business productivity and revenue. With the advanced find me follow me call forwarding facility, calls incoming to the primary business phone numbers can be forwarded to alternate phone numbers including cell and personal landline numbers. Therefore, business can be managed even from overseas locations.

Calls that remain unanswered in the extensions are instantly directed to the voicemail system, enabling the callers to leave voice messages. This innovative feature helps you to focus more on core business activities without being concerned about missed calls during hectic business hours. Voicemails are also forwarded to your email account, so you can send instant responses to your clients or business associates even when you are on away on a trip.

Cost-effective Solution

The exceptional features of hosted PBX phone system can be enjoyed without having to purchase costly onsite equipment. The service providers maintain the required equipment and offer your office the advanced PBX functions using high speed Internet or telephone connections at affordable monthly rents.

Hosted PBX – AccessDirect provides excellent PBX phone system. Hosted PBX system features auto attendant service, call routing, call queuing, voicemail, fax mail, fax on demand, find me follow me call forwarding, and numerous other features.

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