How Goal Setting Builds Confidence

By Stephen Zaba

Anything in life that has a deadline attached to it breeds a sense of urgency. Whether it is a mundane task you have to complete at work or something that gives you great pleasure and means a lot to you, it is a task that you know has to be completed and in the time designated. How much more enthusiasm and passion will be exerted when it is something that is going to move you forward in life and bring with it abundance. I think you know the answer to that.

Even the little things around the house, like cleaning your office, mending that door and getting rid of the junk that has been cluttering vital space can make you feel as though you have achieved something; it is something that you can put to the back of your mind. It is nothing to write home about, but even still, in some way it is a small achievement.

That is why goal setting builds confidence, motivates you and keeps your life on track. The reason this is so is because no one person sets a goal that he or she doesn’t want to achieve. It is not like a work related task, where you are paid to do so and if you don’t do it on a consistent basis, you won’t be working for that company for too long. That is not to say that any goals set will in the end be achieved. It is not that a person doesn’t want to complete the goal, it is the steps and work that is required that is the stumbling block.

When any method of goal setting is properly formulated, that is to say knowing what things you really want to achieve and have, separating them into short, medium and long term goals, then making a plan of action on how you are going to achieve them; only then can you start to put things into action and when you do, you will see for yourself how goal setting builds confidence.

When you begin to see the smaller goals begin to materialise, sometimes without realising it, your belief system will grow and believe that nothing is out of reach. By having them down in writing and this is vital, you will be guided through the stages and levels of achievement that all the great achievers had gone before you. They too realised how goal setting builds confidence.

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