How to Find Topics For Your Blog

By Veronica Yager

You have a blog (or a business opportunity) that you are wanting to market. You may find that after a week of daily blog postings, you have run out of ideas for topics. Where does the professional blogger come up with all his topics to keep his blog fresh? How do all these online marketers find topics to write articles on? Here is a quick and simple article to help jolt your creative juices. Don’t let your blog go stale!

Forum Spying

Go out to your target audience and see what information they are craving. Go to popular high traffic forums in your niche, and see what are the common questions that people are asking. If your blog is about car maintenance, and you go to a popular forum on cars, a recurring question may be, “What is the best method for rust removal on the body of my car?” Why not make your next post on your blog on answering that very question?

Research your Niche

Google your niche keywords and see what others are blogging about. Perusing the headlines should give you some ideas to write about yourself or various different spin-offs you can take. Use a keyword research tool and punch in some blog topics you are thinking of to see if people are looking for that topic.

Begin a Blog Series

Periodically, start a series of blog posts about a specific topic. Here is one example, “How to start a blog and be up and running in 30 days”. Every day you would take your audience through a step by step guide on doing just that. So day 1 blog title might be: “Finding Your Blog Niche”. In this post you would go over brainstorming methods, various research tools to determine if the niche is too saturated, or not popular enough, researching the niche’s affiliate market in case affiliate marketing within your blog is a route they would want to take, etc. Day 2 might be: “Buying a Domain for your Blog”. Here you would write about how to come up with a good domain name, pros and cons of a (dot)com vs say a (dot)net or (dot)info, best places to buy and/or host your domain. Day 3 could be “Choosing your Blog’s Platform” where you would discuss the various blogging tools out there and how to install them on their domain, or have their newly purchased domain point to their new blog hosted with the blogging company they chose. I think you get the idea here!


Subscribe to your niche industry’s newsletter, magazine, RSS feed, etc. You will have a plethora of topics you can write about by keeping up to date in your industry of choice. You can write about ideas you get from reading the articles, or maybe review the various companies, or gurus you see advertising themselves.

Now put your thinking cap on. If you need some fresh ideas to drive traffic to your blog take the next step. Download my special report on the top 8 most powerful free marketing methods that can help you create a six-figure income, whether its by promoting your blog or a home based business opportunity.

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