How to Save Your Marriage 3 Reasons to Look at the Trees and Not the Forest

By Shevach Pepper

If you are in a difficult marriage situation and are looking for a real quick way how to save your marriage and live happily ever after, then keep on looking. I can’t help you. Complex problems usually don’t get resolved with simple solutions. There is no miracle potion that will make all the problems and bad times disappear. To have a healthy, happy relationship requires a consistent daily effort and the mindset to make it work.

The more complex the problem is though, the more important it is to focus on the small details and work on them. You should never try to tackle the whole problem all at once, for often the root of a problem may lie deep within other problems.

In this article I’m going to point out to you 3 reasons why it is a better idea to deal with the small details, and why you shouldn’t try to tackle the root of the problem.

1. Instant gratification. You can see results right away and this will keep you motivated until you finally tackle the main problem. Like I said before be prepared for it to take time to perfect your marriage. Therefore if you try to fix the WHOLE problem you won’t see results for a long time. On the other hand by working on one thing at a time you will see success fairly quickly and this will keep you motivated until your reach your goal.

2. You can do it now. The saying goes, “Don’t put off tomorrow, what can be done today.” There is nothing worse for fixing problems than leaving them for tomorrow. Do it today and it will not grow into a bigger problem. Big problems need big solutions and big solutions need to begin NOW.

3. Damage control. It is possible when working on finding the solutions for your problems that you will not always succeed.. No matter how good your intentions are, a lot of plans fail. If you look to fix up the big problem and you don’t succeed, you may not get another chance to make things right.. However when you focus on the details and you don’t succeed, it’s not such a big deal. It probably didn’t cost too much money, too much time, or too much effort!!!!

If you have been suffering in a tough marriage for a long time and you are looking for some quick way on how to save your marriage you probably won’t find it. It is a better idea to look into improving some of the minor problems in your marriage. These things you’ll see immediate results from and can start right now. If you don’t succeed in resolving any of these little problems as you thought, you’ll still be in the game. By going from success to success you will surely eventually achieve the marriage you so want and deserve.

Tackling the little problems will also help you to see how to avoid these problems in the future and thus strengthen your relationship even more.

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