Liposuction Learn About the Recovery Process

By A Aaronson

Before you schedule an appointment for liposuction, you should know the best ways to recover from it. After all, as popular as it is, it is still a major surgery that usually takes at least a week to recover from, if not several. Find out what to expect after this procedure.

You will likely be in some pain or experience some discomfort after your surgery. This is considered normal since you just had major surgery, and will need some time to heal. You should be given pain pills, and in some cases, you will be given the prescription just before you have the procedure so that you have it filled and ready to take directly afterward.

You should also create a comfortable area in some part of your house, since you will be restricted to the bed most of the time. Bed rest can get boring, so be sure to fill the area with magazines, books, and a remote control for the TV. You should also place plenty of pillows in that space, along with blankets; pain pills, water, and anything else you might need while you recover for the first few days.

You will be encouraged to walk around a little in order to heal faster, likely a few days after the liposuction. You will probably have to visit the doctor a few days after the procedure, so be sure to ask at that time when you should begin doing some light walking. This can help prevent blood blots in your legs from forming, and will also get your body used to walking again.

For most people, taking about one to two weeks off work is enough. However, if you have a job that requires you to be active, you might need to take more time off unless you can ask your boss to place you in a less active position. Moving around too fast or moving heavy objects can cause the stitches to break, or just not allow your body enough time to heal. It is important that you follow your doctor’s orders during this period.

The final results of liposuction will not be seen for a few months, but you should see a little improvement every week. Make sure you note your doctor’s instructions if you want the fastest recovery time possible. However, everyone is different, and some patients simply take longer to heal than others so do not feel discouraged if you do everything right and still take several months to see the results you want.

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