Mean World

By Rima Khalil

So we wake up every day, every morning with the same routine we choose, and we all live in our own little world. In fact we create our own world and we choose who we want to share it with.

But sometimes life takes us up in a roller coaster and show us things that we weren’t expecting. Sometimes nature turns its back on you, testing you if you will find your way back to it, and we crumble in a dark dark place waiting for the next morning wondering if you’ll be wearing a smile on your face, and most important who gave you that smile to you.

Then you realize that allowing someone to watch you crumble is NOT what you are and you are not going to allow that. So we are just in this earth writing our own story, but most important thing is what ending do you want your story to be finished, and the question is, is it too late for that?

No it isn’t; no one is better than each one of us, we are all unique in our own special way. So my point here ladies and gentleman is do we live in a mean world or if you are not mean the world ain’t fair! I don’t know I personally think if you stay YOU and don’t pretend to be someone else, you will end up being proud of who are becoming in the following future.

And always remember what goes around comes around.

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