Some Effective Creativity Tips to Make Yourself Happy

By Amy Twain

Think about those times when you have been at your more most creative. Those times when the hours seemed to have passed in just a blink of an eye, when you have been entirely lost in your own world of creativity, intensely focused and free-flowing. Ahh…yes, happy times, right? In a way, being creative is closely linked with being delighted.

Therefore, how could you achieve this sort of ingenuity more frequently? Here are 5 great creativity tips in order to bring you at your most artistic, hence, make you more happy.

1. Develop and improve your creativity habits. Most of us feel that we cannot be tied down by anything so confining as a daily routine or habit.

We are creative artists, so we have to be free! The reality is, the key to being at your most original is finding the habits and styles of creating that work best for you. We all have our own distinct system for creativity. Experiment, discover and explore what works for you, the methods and ways you are most happy creating, then stick with it for as long as it works for you.

2. Create what you like to create this time. Whenever you choose a new project or task to start and work on, do you go through a list of opportunities which you started years ago, and feel obligated to work through them all in details? Being creative shines on the flow and energy and your present surge of inspiration.

If you cannot be inspired or motivated about a particular project you envision years ago, but then a new idea or concept you had last week bubbles you with excitement, then go ahead with your natural flow. Try to pursue and follow that idea, then create whatever that makes your heart soar.

3. Get rid of the “shoulds”. Do you ever feel that all you make or create is what everyone else thinks that you must make? Your family members, friends, peers, role models, and so on? This is always going to end up in disappointments and frustrations as your intention for creating is established on somebody else’s dreams and aspirations.

Get rid of all those “shoulds”, listen to your own artistic aims, and try to create what you know and your need to create. Creating whatever makes you happy and fulfilled is the best thing you could do for yourself and for everybody else.

4. Recognize all your creative accomplishments.

It is very easy to neglect all you make because you are with yourself at all times and lose sight of being objective. Record all your artistic accomplishments in a notebook. And they don’t have to be huge and intimidating things such as recording a CD or writing a novel.

5. Document all your artistic acts, from taking some photographs, writing some few lines of poems to cooking a delicious dinner. And after you look back at the end of every month, you would be surprised at how creative you have actually been sans realizing it. So which of these creativity tips do you feel will be very effective for you to put into action? Do it today, make use of all those creativity tips and enhance your ingenuity to be more happy.

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