Start Making Your Own Costume Designer Jewelry

By James Marny

Jewelries are made to shine so they can attract attentions to it and yourself. They are made in the form of simple rings and bracelets to extravagant earrings and big chain necklaces with your name embedded in gold plates. What turn away most people from owning these jewelries are the expensive price tags.

To compensate for that, why not make your own costume designer jewelry. Don’t be satisfied with simple string chain with plastic “diamonds”. When costume designer jewelry is done properly, they can look as astonishing as their real counterpart and no one could tell the difference just by looking at it.

Also when you make your own costume designer jewelry, not only it will be cheaper to do it but you are in charge of the design and materials used. There is no rule on what materials can be used or not. The frame can be made from metal or silver while the decorations as made out of seashells, ceramic, faux pearl, colored enamel or glass. These are just a few sample materials you can use.

If you do not know how to start designing your costume designer jewelry, then there is several theme here that will get you started. First is to use nature as your inspiration. Necklace and brooches can be made with animal designs. For earrings and bracelets, you can pick to decorate them with floral designs. Just need to open your eye and look around you for a nature inspiration or talk a walk in the park.

If the nature theme does not strike you, then why not design your costume designer jewelry with geometric patters. Circle and squares looks simple alone but combined and they will look unique and striking. Move them around so they would look symmetrical for your earrings. Round bracelet are normal, go out of the way and turn them into oval or square instead. You can even pass it off as part of a modern art.

Also not to be forgotten, there is also a theme where your costume designer jewelry sets out to steal all the attention to themselves. You can open up a celebrities magazine and look at the Hip Hop singers with big rings with big gold chain hanging around their neck. These accessories tend to be over flashy but it is their intention to look like that.

So after you have decided on the design, time to start collecting the materials. A visit to your local handicraft stores would have most of the materials you need in stock. Also go out of the way and visit out the hobby shop or flea market. They might held an important piece that will finish off your costume designer jewelry. Even the antique shop is a place to find materials if you are looking for rustic jewelry materials.

Once you have all the materials, then you would need the tools. Most of the tools you need, you would have it already. Pliers to bend and hold the frame, cutters to cut them and glues to hold the decoration in place. There is no need for special tool unless the costume designer jewelry you are making needs them. Start off by making simple necklace and bracelets first before moving on to more delicate costume designer jewelry like earrings or rings.

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