Start With Abdominal Exercises

By Mike Mussello

Some of the most popular abdominal exercises that give lasting results are as below.


There are several ways to do crunches. One method is to lie flat on your back, bend your knees and raise your legs off the ground while simultaneously lifting your shoulder off the floor. If this movement is done correctly, you must be able to feel your abs muscles contract and your ribs move toward your hips.

Side Crunches

These crunches are mainly focused on the oblique muscles. This can be performed with your back lying flat on the floor, hands stretched out to the side. Bend your knees with your leg still touching the floor as getting ready for a crunch. Slowly lift your left leg and place it on the top of the right knee. Fold your right hand over your head and come up from the shoulder. In a sideways movement, try to touch the right elbow to the left knee. Repeat on the other side as well.

Jackknife Exercises

Lie flat on your back, arms extended over the head. With one sweeping motion, raise both legs to 90 degree from the ground and simultaneously lift you arms over your head toward the ceiling. Try to touch your fingertips to the toes. This helps reduce the fat around abs muscles while working wonders to tone your legs too.

Reverse Crunch

Lie on a bench with your knees bent. Hold the end of bench with your hands for better balance. Raise your legs towards your chest and try and touch your elbows. For good results, you must hold this position for around 3 to 4 seconds. This must be repeated at least 10 times.

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