The 3 Best First Date Compliments to Ensure a Second Date!

By Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

Do you find yourself going on plenty of first dates, but never getting to the second date? Or maybe it’s a challenge to even get to the first date?

If so, you might need to polish the skills it takes to create an authentic attraction, one that creates enough curiosity that you are naturally lead to the next date.

Thankfully, the Art of Authentic Attraction is simple enough! It’s all about coming from your heart so you can connect to the heart of your date.

Below you’ll discover the 3 Best Compliments to give your date to build instant connection, heart to heart. Once a connection is created, the desire to learn more about each other is sparked, giving you the opportunity to meet again.

Of course, you can only offer these words of praise if they are genuine- otherwise, you aren’t being authentic, you’re playing a game! So keep in mind, it’s ok to personalize your compliments to the strengths you see in your date.

Compliment 1: “I love the sparkle in your eyes.”

The eyes are indeed the window to the soul, so take the time to make deep meaningful eye contact with your date, seeing past the outer imperfections to the inner beauty.

As you do, let them know you appreciate the sparkle you see there. With this comment, you are reflecting the energy of WHO they are. And everyone loves to be SEEN for who they really are.

Since people so frequently don’t recognize each other for the energy they are bringing to the moment, when you do, you’ll immediately create a spark of curiosity in your date- based on a real, mini-heart bond.

A bond you can build on during the rest of your date.

Compliment 2: “Wow, I really admire your passion about that!”

Ask your date what they are passionate about and keep asking them questions about it until they literally come alive right in front of you.

When talking about their passion people actually become more attractive AND your sincere interest in their passion makes you immediately more attractive as well. So it’s a double bonus leading to chemistry.

Plus when you honor someone’s innate interests, you create commonality, boosting their desire to see you again.

Compliment 3: “I love the way I feel around you! You make me feel ________!”

We all crave recognition for being the great people we are. But in our rushed world, we don’t often get to directly see the positive impact we have on each other.

So, when you honestly share with someone how they have affected you, you immediately open their heart, because once again, they feel SEEN, creating a robust connection.

Practice playing with these 3 compliments to see how much instant connection and chemistry can create the opportunity for so many more happy dates leading to real lasting love!

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