The Benefits of Using Pre Wired Cables

By Andrew Zanelli

In today’s production atmosphere, cost, time and efficiency while implementing quality processes determine the bottom-line success and profitability of your product. A tried and true way to accomplish a piece of this goal is to use quality pre-engineered and wired cables.

Among the many benefits are:

Design Flexibility – Using pre-wired cables in your project from the design stage on, allows the Engineer greater flexibility in a number of aspects. Panel space is always at a premium and a great way to conserve space is to install pre-wired cables. It reduces the need for wire trays and permits greater variety in the placement of PCB’s and other components as cable routing becomes less inhibited.

Reduced Wiring Time and Costs – The amount of time needed to wire your cabinet or machine is reduced as connecting cables is a much quicker process than routing the cables, making a connections and labeling each wire and termination point. The number of wiring errors will also diminish, as fewer opportunities for a wiring mistake are present.

Easier Marking and Labeling – This cables will arrive labeled and with diagrams declaring each connection point. The assembler is then left with verifying the points of connection and labeling the cabinet for clear and correct assembly.

Faster Testing and Replacement Times – The testing of cabinets with pre-wired cable assemblies is a more efficient process than cabinets with individual connections. The tester can easily check for continuity and signal presence without disconnecting the cable. If repair is needed or a function added or changed, a pre-wired cable is much more flexible. Your service provider can show up with a new cable and complete replacement in a matter or minutes resulting in less downtime for the client and a shorter visit for the provider.

Fewer Parts, Less Inventory – Use the space that used to store multiple cable components to increase production area as cables can take less than half the space. Reduced inventory and increased space will raise your profit levels.

Quality Panels – Let your company be known by the caliber of your panels. Pre-wired cabling means your applications will be neater and safer than individually routing each termination point.

Contact the committed team of experts at VCC today to discuss your individual pre-wired cable needs. We specialize in collaborating with our clients to improve all aspects of production and provide you with dynamic, quality solutions. We can Engineer the cables for your application or use your data to provide a flexible pre-wired cable customized for your project requirements.

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