The Safe Solution to Money Problems Renting Back Your Home

By Andy Winterman

If you have racked up debts or are unable to pay your mortgage, you may feel stuck in a situation with no way out. Your house may be in danger of repossession and you are facing the problem of being evicted from your home. You may also feel like the longer you are in debt, the more you will owe because of the interest. The best thing to do is to pay your debts as quickly as possible. However, how are you going to get the money? You can use equity from your house. This means that you can sell your house to get the necessary amount you need to settle your debt. This will help you settle your debts quickly. You will then avoid paying for interest from your debts that will become more of a problem the longer you have debt.

However, you may not know how to go about releasing equity from your home. You may also not want to move away from your home. What if you have the option of releasing equity from your home without having to relocate? You can try to rent back your home after you have sold it. This kind of alternative to access the equity from your home is more popularly called sell and rent back agreements. This means that you are able to quickly sell your home and still have the choice to stay in your home. If you choose this option, you’ll benefit from being able to pay your debts without explaining to your neighbours about your financial situation. When you move to another property, people will wonder why you have moved. This brings you shame which will add to the emotional distress of dealing with a less-than-stellar financial situation.

When you rent back your home, no one needs to know that you are dealing with financial difficulties. This makes it easier for you and your family to cope. When your children are still going to the same school and you are in your own home, you’ll have the peace of mind and strength to look for ways to remedy your financial situation. The best thing about renting back your home is that if you do your research, you’ll even come up with companies who will allow you to buy back your property once you get back up on your feet financially. Some companies even allow for a tenancy agreement of as long as five years which is enough time for you to find a better-paying job. When you decide to sell and rent back your home, be very careful in choosing the company you will work with. The Financial Services Authority have a small number of authorised operators of sale and rent back companies, so make sure to do your homework. Investigate to see whether the company you’re selling your house to is reputable and authorised by the FSA.

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