Three Reasons to Gift Golf Umbrellas to Important Business Associates

By Dondu Linkan

Majority of the people who play golf are entrepreneurs and professionals. Hence, when you are planning to distribute promotional products to your important business associates, promotional golf items make for an ideal choice. Of all the golf items, umbrellas are the most popular gifts to give to the people you are looking forward to do business.

As they are readily accepted by the golfers, here are few reasons describing umbrellas as popular give-away to important business associates:


Distributing umbrellas not only allow personal access to important clients but also make for great advertising products. The golfers carry these umbrellas wherever they go and, therefore advertising your brand at different places. This gives an opportunity to both the established and new business organizations to advertise their products and services in multi-locations.


Unlike other promo gifts, umbrellas offer maximum exposure to your brand. As they are items of great utility, recipients use them mostly while playing golf. It tops the list of things to be carried to the golf ground. Visit any golf club and you will certainly find golfers carrying umbrellas along with them. The large advertising are on umbrellas provide business organizations an opportunity to advertise their services and products among the masses. They not only entice you but also prompt you to purchase the product of that particular brand.

Umbrellas used while playing golf are larger than regular umbrellas. They offer ample branding area where you can imprint the name, logo, slogan, message, website address and contact information of your company.


Distributing promotional give-aways like umbrellas to your important business associates and clients help in building effective and long-term relationships with them. Such gifts provide emotional and rational benefits to the clients and business associates. According to the various research and studies conducted, it has been proved that clients prefer to do business with companies which gift promo items like umbrellas.

Make sure that you choose the right shape, design and colour of an umbrella before gifting it to business associates and clients. For example, if you are giving an umbrella to a male client, gift him one in sophisticated and light colours. However, if you want to gift an umbrella to a female business associate, make sure that it is trendy and stylish and in pink colour.

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