Tourists Attractions In Turkey

By Leesa Mark


Istanbul is the one of the most impressive city of Turkey. The city has vivid unique features. Istanbul is the only city in the world the boundary of which touches the two continents, as its old city in Europe and new Istanbul is located in Asia, this is separated by the Bosphorus Strait. The city is also known for having the capital status during two successive empires of Christian Byzantine and Islamic Ottoman.

Istanbul’s is situated on the water due to which it has become a much popular site, due to this Istanbul has become the most preferred location of the tourists. The city also has a commercial shipping port and military lookout. The fascinating history and other splendid palaces like ancient mosques and churches, hamams (bath-houses) and exotic bazaars are the chief attractions.

Aegean Coast

The Aegean Coast is assumed to possess some of the most fabulous and important archaeological sites. The city has rich cultural legacy from the period of early Greek, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. It was at the Aegean Coast that St Paul made the beginning of Christianity.


Cappadocia lies in the centre part of Turkey, Cappadocia lies between the Black Sea in north the Taurus Mountains, between south, whereas Ankara lies in the west and the Malatya to the east. The city is known for its stunning natural rock formations and natural valleys, Goreme National Park is a great attraction of this city. There are stone chapels, monasteries in the city.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, here one can see the amalgamation east and west culture and experience the mix shades of the spiritual east and ancient civilizations. The hue of this lies hidden among 20th-century office buildings, government offices and shopping malls. This city is imbued with the spirit of modernity and youth. This town has many colleges and universities, therefore it is filled with students. It is also the home to vast ex-pat community which adds to its multi-ethnic atmosphere.

Ankara is situated on a rocky hill in the dry region of Anatolia. This humming city is full of life and has its traces back into the history from the Bronze Age. The history says that Alexander the Great was one of the conquerors who stayed in the city for some time. The tourists come to these places from far flung countries and enjoy in this place of beauty.

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