What Does Taking a Break in a Relationship Signify?

By Kum Martin

If you have ever been in a steady relationship, it is quite likely that you have heard the phrase, “We need to take a break”. Even though Rachael had said the same to Ross in Friends, and the phrase, “We were on a break” became the 90s anthem; in real life this is not funny at all.

So what is mean when someone you have been seeing seriously tells you that it is time to “take a break”? If yours is a long-term relationship, then it means that your partner wants some time and space to reflect on the relationship, their current situation, and where they wish to go from there. At times it may not even have anything to do with your relationship; it could be just the place where he or she is in life, and feels that a few changes may be necessary to get a grip on life once again. The whole exercise could also be beneficial for your relationship, so try not to take it too personally. Instead look at it as an opportunity to reflect on your own thoughts, pretty much the same way as your partner. Often a break has resulted in increased closeness in a relationship, so do not fight it.

On the other hand, “taking a break” may be just a way of breaking up with you, without putting you through the agony of a breakup. In that case, respect his or her decision, but try to see if there is the possibility of a heart-to-heart talk, provided your partner is willing.

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